‘I’m cute and hot and want to show off my body. I’m a great model.’…….. NO YOU’RE NOT!!!

It has been a while folks…busy busy busy!! (which is great)

Following a number of features about Air Image in the national photography magazines, I have recently been asked by an industry supplier to be a product demonstrator at some trade shows. The idea is that I demonstrate lighting and photography techniques, in this case fashion & beauty shoots, that I would use in the course of my work, using equipment supplied by the sponsoring company. Essentially, showing off in front of an audience.

The next event is a few hundred miles from my home in Scotland. Budget is tight (as always) so I needed to find a model based close to the event venue to avoid additional travel and accommodation expenses. I am a member of the Model Mayhem community. A great resource for connecting photographers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, designers, etc. A bit like Facebook/LinkedIn for the fashion world. It also gives aspiring models a chance to show what they can offer and maybe they might get a bit of a break. I did a search for models within a 25 mile radius of the event and found a number of girls who had the look I wanted to shoot. All their MM profiles proclaimed how they were professional or keen to develop their career and profile, how they were super-enthusiastic, willing to do this and that to improve their portfolio…. So I contacted them by direct message, inviting them to talk further.

How many replies? That’s right….. none. Very disappointed in all these so-called models. This was a paid job with a professional photographer

Before contacting a proper modelling agency, I decided to take a different approach and put out a general Casting Call for the job. That approach can open you up to all sorts of people. I received a number of responses from enthusiastic models, many outside of the original search radius, who were professional (even though some were keen amateurs), enthusiastic and  willing to travel to the job. I was fortunate to be able to appoint a girl who is excited about working with me and is willing to travel over an hour, even stay with friends the night before the job so that she’s there in good time. She also looks beautiful.

I guess one of the conclusions I drew from this experience is that there are so many wannabes out there who think that they only have to put on plenty of make up, get big hair, pout and put their bodies on show and the photographers will come flocking. To be honest, there is a certain sector of ‘photographers’ who will always just want to photograph the titilation of bodies on show. The girl who I selected has one of the classiest portfolios I have seen for a long time, and not so much as even a lingerie image among them.

The business of professional modelling requires so much more… a business attitude and a professional attitude. If you’re serious and want to model for the best out there, you’ve got to work not flaunt.


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