Better Together

Yes, as a Scot who voted in the recent Scottish Independence Referendum (not telling which way I voted), I am aware that the title of this posting has political overtones. Just to clarify…THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL BLOG. However, it does sum up what I’m feeling after a recent photographic experience.

At the end of October, I attended the Event Photographer Society (EPS) annual meeting in Coventry, England. A gathering of (mostly) like-minded individuals who make their living from photography. Shooting events such as social functions, leisure activities, sporting events and more. The majority of the photography is shot, instantly transferred to a computer viewing station, viewed by the client and printed out…sometimes within a matter of minutes but usually by the end of the event. At many of the events we are creating hundreds of images and at busy events the number of pictures can pass the one thousand mark.

Not only was I attending as a member of the EPS, I was asked to do a training seminar presentation on a particular type of lighting technique I use. Now, ‘unaccustomed as I am to public speaking’, the presentation seemed to go down without too much disaster even though it was my first ever training seminar. Following my part in the day, I was privileged to then contribute to a joint presentation with photographer, Ian Pack. We enjoyed working so much together and hopefully generated a bit of interest in the techniques we were using by coloured gels on flash and tight control of lighting. We then collaborated  on a presentation/shoot  the following day to create some fashion-style autumn images, complete with man-made windy day, blowing autumn leaves around. Images were then processed by a newly met colleague and printed out by one of the equipment suppliers. End of self-congratulatory text.

What I’m trying to illustrate is this. So often as a one person business, it’s me that takes the pictures, generates the ideas, does the editing and produces the product. It can be a fairly isolated existence at times. I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration experience. Meeting people who were willing to share their expertise and allow me to share some of what I do as well. Meeting people who find the whole business of photography as exciting, as frustrating, as tough and as rewarding as I do.



Image courtesy of Ian Pack

Image courtesy of Ian Pack

Image courtesy of Ian Pack

Image courtesy of Ian Pack


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