Help…I need somebody! Help…not just anybody!

No matter how much care you take with the business side of your photography, every now and again something comes along that will trip you up.

On Sunday past, I received a call from a Scottish photographer, the caller display on my mobile said the call was from Texas USA but it turned out he was actually calling me from Nigeria. Sounds like a wind-up, but bear with me.

A misunderstanding on the part of a client, meant that they had enquired about a job but never confirmed the booking. 250 University Graduates were in danger of not having any photographs of their Graduation Ball. Through word of mouth and recommendations from another company, the call from Scotland/Nigeria/Texas landed on my phone. The guy was desperately trying to pull the client out of a hole. The biggest issue was that the Ball was happening that night, starting about 6 hours after that initial phone call; and it was 2 hours drive for us plus an hour set up time. 

After a few phone calls and emails, we were able to confirm that we could cover the job. Happy client, happy Scottish/Nigerian/Texan photographer, happy Air Image (me).

The thing that struck me was, in my industry, although the majority of photography companies are open, warm and accepting of the competition, I have come across a number of companies who keep themselves to themselves, don’t trust the competitors, don’t share any knowledge or information.

I, however, believe that we are all in this to be as good a business as we can and offer the best to our clients and our industry. If I didn’t have a good relationship with other companies, I wouldn’t have been recommended for the job and the Graduates would not have had the portraits of their celebration night.

There is enough work out there for everyone. Be the best at what you do, be the best at who you are and you will get your fair share.



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