A Feeling Of Community

This year Scotland faces a major decision…stay in the UK or become independent. I’m not going to go political here; however, over the last couple of weekends I have experienced the feeling of the people of Scotland being a community.

A community who cares and a community who take action to support that community.

I have been involved in photographing some events for Yorkhill Children’s Charity, a wonderful organisation that supports Yorkhill Children’s Hospital (or to give it the formal title ‘Royal Hospital for sick Children) in Glasgow. On Easter Sunday there wash the Easter Egg Run with around 1200 motor bikes parading the streets, raising money and donating gifts. The following week was the Glasgow Kiltwalk which saw over 6000 kilted walkers hike 23 miles and raising sponsorship for a number of charities, including Yorkhill, Debra, Anthony Nolan Trust, Children’s Hospice Association, Epilepsy Scotland, etc.

There was very much a feeling of togetherness. Nothing mattered other than being one group, doing what was right…helping others.

It was wonderful to be a part of that. Thanks to everyone for their financial support to these incredibly deserving organisations, but thank you for a wee reminder of what it means to be part of a community.

Glasgow Kiltwalk 2014 at the Yorkhill Pit Stop.

Glasgow Kiltwalk 2014 at the Yorkhill Pit Stop.



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