Easter Sunday 2014: Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow

On Easter Sunday hundreds of Bikers assembled at Yorkhill Hospital for a parade through the streets of Glasgow. This was the 35th annual event which raised thousands of pounds for Yorkhill Children’s Charity. My photography company, Air Image was proud to be involved as the event’s official photographers.

With a couple of willing volunteers, we headed up to Glasgow to set up in good time before the crowds arrived. It was incredibly well organised with members of the Mercury Motor Cycle Club being responsible for organising and marshalling the gathering. We reckon that by the time everyone was gathered, there would have been over a thousand bikes. Just before noon came the shout, ‘Gentlemen and ladies, START YOUR ENGINES!!’ and the noise was amazing. There were so many wonderful sights as the parade left Yorkhill. So many had made the effort to dress up…Scooby Doo, Muppets, The Predator, a knight in shining armour, 3 Evel Kneivels, Batman, Spidermen, Nemo, and several Easter Bunnies of course.

 A 40 minute parade round the streets of Glasgow and they headed back to Yorkhill.

A fantastic event and a fantastic sight but behind it was the generosity of giving. As well as many fundraising donations, gifts, Easter eggs, etc. each biker paid at least £10 to be part of the parade. this all went to provide much needed support to Yorkhill Children’s Charity. This hospital has great significance personally to me and many of the people closely connected with Air Image and it was a real honour to be able to play a part in the success of a major fundraising event.

Bikers in the past have had a bit of a bad reputation but I must say that this was one of the friendliest gatherings I have ever attended. Much respect to these guys for what they represented and what they achieved.YEER_Apr14_News

All our photos can be seen on the Air Image website www.airimage.co.uk and some selected highlights on our Facebook page.


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