A Brave New (to me) World

My first ever Blog and I have almost no idea what to say or do.

So, an introduction…Brian Muir, age 40 something (only just), owner of Air Image which was established in 2006 as an imaging company and, at that time, mainly graphic design work. Photography soon became the main ‘focus’ of the business but the experience in graphics and design still helps with the creation of albums and some special projects too.

Photography business really started to grow in family portraiture, leading to my very first wedding shoot in early 2007. Fast forward to 2013 when we created beautiful wedding memories for 40 couples.

Opportunities in live  events work saw us add the instant print service to our portfolio. Take a picture, beam it instantly via WiFi from the camera to a computer and big screen, happy customer sees it and within seconds of the shot being taken, has a copy of their portrait in a mount in their hands. Charity and Black Tie Balls, Sporting Events, Senior School Proms, Party nights and even a photoshoot on the Orient Express with prints delivered to passengers before they reached their destination; never a dull moment in this sector.

Along the way of the last 8 years, I’ve been involved in so many great situations and met some wonderful people; appreciated the old cliché ‘Every day’s a school day’; and hopefully pushed my photographic skills and knowledge way beyond where I started.

I intend this Blog to be updated when I have something interesting/useful/funny on which to report. Don’t hold your breath…but you never know.


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